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“Faster Products: How to Rapidly Create or Acquire Your Own Successful Products”

Having your own products that you control is a secret to earning long-term residual income from work done once, keeping the lion’s share of the profit, and gaining powerful leverage…

Problem is, creating or acquiring your own products can be a long, frustrating, and costly process. Not to mention embarrassing when you come up with a dud.

It’s not a matter of if, but when: Mistakes are fact of life but just one winning product can make up for all the duds – many times over.

With “Faster Products: How to Rapidly Create or Acquire Your Own Successful Products” you can shortcut your way to product success and minimize “school of hard knocks” trial and error.

Check out some product success secrets you’ll discover in Faster Products…

  • Avoid wasting your time on embarrassing and costly mistakes that doom most products to failure.
  • Quickly weed out dud product ideas so you can focus on winners from the start.
  • Proven strategies for creating your own new products, faster and easier.
  • How other experts can help you create your own products… even if you’re a computer-illiterate newbie.
  • The most important – but commonly overlooked and shockingly simple – secret to product success.
  • Develop multiple income streams from one good idea, using my “Mini Empire Strategy.”
  • Overcome common obstacles to getting your own products.
  • How to develop your own products – or acquire them in other ways – even if you’re not an expert on anything.
  • How to use my “Rapid Writing System” to accelerate your writing speed and finish your reports, books, and ebooks much faster.
  • How to actually get paid to create your own products.
  • Effective tips for staying motivated and focused – to get your product done!
  • A proven approach to generating long-term profit, instead of short-term profits that fizzle out quickly.
  • And more…

Which factors separate winning products from the losers? How can you tilt the odds in your favor? Discover 13 deadly product mistakes — page 4.

How to avoid making the same mistakes like the plague — pages 16-25.

Some common mistakes involve product planning. Others relate to creating and producing (or acquiring) products. Still others relate to marketing.

Some are so critical that ignoring them will likely doom a product to the scrap heap. Ignoring others may not spell doom, but can severely cripple a product’s success.

Avoiding the bitter frustration from any one of these pitfalls alone can make Faster Products worth many times your meager investment in it.

The Shockingly Simple Strategy for Finding Hot Markets and Product Ideas

There’s a simple approach to market research explained on page 17 that’ll help you come up with so many viable product ideas that you probably won’t have time to pursue them all.

To narrow down multiple product ideas to the most promising for your circumstances, I also include an easy checklist to save you time in evaluating them.

What Else Will You Find in Faster Products?

You’ll also learn how to become an instant author with little or no writing on your part, and ways to quickly acquire products by buying rights to existing ones.

Faster Products isn’t packed with fluff and filler. It’s in PDF format and has 50 pages (8-1/2″ X 11″), just over 13,300 words, describing proven product success strategies.

It’s more than just about faster ways to get your own products. More importantly, it teaches how to not only minimize risk and improve your product success rate, but also how to increase the ultimate profit you earn from your products.

By helping you get your own products in a flash and enjoy greater product success, it can be worth its weight in gold to you!

Finally Get Your Own Successful Products – Faster and Easier than Traditional Methods

If you want to minimize or avoid embarrassing, frustrating, and costly mistakes that doom most products to failure and finally start earning the lion’s share of the profit and recurring income from your own products – instead of measly one-shot commissions from promoting others’ products, place your order now, risk free.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

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